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Data Processing


To ensure that the business and technology are working together

Leveraging Oracle ADB and Oracle Cloud 

With Oracle Autonomous DataBase (ADB), and Oracle Cloud we provide X>Core, 

the reliable digital banking platform for innovative, agile, fast, and secure delivery.



MLabs has chosen Oracle Autonomous Data base for optimized transactional, analytical, and workloads concurrently. To accelerate performance, the architecture applied is preconfigured for row format, indexes, and data caching. It provides high scalability, availability, transparent security, and real-time operational analytics


X>Core utilize the Oracle Autonomous Database, for transaction processing and data analytics benefit from hyperscale performance and scalability, as well, as superior availability. Our Partners can easily meet data residency requirements and the needs of distributed multi-national clients, to help their analysts and engineers to exploit banking-centric solutions.



To support Digital Banking Optimization, Cloud-Native, Fast Deployments, and other critical requirements, the choice of Oracle Autonomous Database is key to access automated services to simplify the development and deployment of a digital core system, to reduce the complexity, and scalability. With machine learning–driven automated tuning, scaling, and patching, the Autonomous Data Base delivers the highest performance, availability, and security for OLTP, analytics, and other key functions for digital core banking. 


With Oracle Autonomous Database our partners can run workloads where they choose, modernize and innovate with Oracle and also with MSFT Azure. The cloud processing and management is simplified to automatically process deeply integrated transactions to achieve high performance, scale, and availability for the Database workloads.


Main Capabilities

Advance Integrated and Omnichannel Banking 

Technical Support

MLabs SLA governed, 24/7 IT support helps maintain efficient system operations and ensures reported issues are attended to as soon as they arise, even outside of business hours.


MLabs offers a highly skilled and experienced team to manage the systems compliance with regulatory requirements so that you can focus on your core business objectives.


MLabs team of cyber security professionals can work with you to make sure your data security is not compromised and that all systems are safe from attacks.

Business Intelligence

MLabs employs individuals from various sectors with many years of experience to offer clients an option of business intelligence services that can help them stay competitive.

Risk Management

MLabs can help to develop and implement a robust IT Risk Management process to identify threats, measure risks, define IT security requirements, and implement controls on a continual basis.

Business Continuity

To ensure continuous business operations, MLabs's well trained staff can develop and maintain a business continuity plan, and can coordinate and execute the plan when required.

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