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Case Studies

We help our Partners to deploy fast and secure banking modernization 

Accelerating Embedded Finance

Adding new capabilities and measurable value to Neobanks, Financial Institutions, and MNOs.

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Branchless Digital Mobile Banking

The financial operator needed a complete SaaS cloud-native suite for a NeoBank branchless mobile banking. Mobile devices are pervasive and users are demanding fast, do-it-now financial transactions with flexibility, security, and a rewarding user experience. Multi-Channel delivery was a main requirement.


Provide branchless, cashless banking services to an emerging country through the most ubiquitous tool of today: the mobile phone. Create a new banking service instrument featuring fully integrated Account Management ranging from Customer Acquisition to Risk Analysis to Customer Position and Monitoring, all to be delivered via mobile phones and PDAs.


The NeoBank is based upon MLabs SaaS and Mobile for Loan Origination and Account Management modules. These are integrated with the Partner’s credit risk management, mobile banking, and agent management products. The resulting solution offers integrated mobile banking for micro-savings/micro-loans. Retailers, market vendors, and other low-income earners now can remit capital build-up deposits and loan amortizations using their mobile phones to access neo-banking services in a large region in Asia.

  • Modularity and flexibility for banking services processing

  • Lower operational costs, high automation

  • Centralized control of all processes

  • Secure, cashless, and paperless

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Banking Modernization

MLabs Partner needed to seamlessly integrate a complete neo banking system into an existing core banking legacy systems to provide access to a full range of front-end banking services and to remodel banking business processes. A platform localization was mandatory.


Provide the MLabs platform to leverage the mission-critical servers for a customer life-cycle management, a complete loan origination, and account management. The Partner needed to provide massive scalability to support very high transaction volumes. The MLabs platform delivered is robust, secure, and available on all leading cloud and mobile platforms.


MLabs structured its MLabs SaaS Platform version to deliver a feature-rich digital banking transaction platform to a host of cloud and mobile devices. It has been designed and structured for quick, intuitive, and reliable use on a mission-critical infrastructure to support performance, scale and high availability. MLabs delivered its comprehensive SaaS cloud-native platform, with built-in functions: scalability, for high volume of concurrent transactions, with high level of security, and response time in milliseconds.


  • Centralized control of all processes

  • Massive transaction throughput

  • High performance multi-tier Mobility Banking

  • Response time of milliseconds in a mixed-OS environment

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Factoring and Financing Transformation

MLabs Partner required a digital core system replacing the legacy factoring system at a major European banking entity operating through the Factors Chain International (FCI) and International Factors Group (IFG) networks,


Provide a totally new Factoring and Project Financing system replacing a legacy application. Provide a factoring and financing suite, designed to be re-usable by multinational financial organizations.


Deployed a new factoring that supports management of circulating assets, domestic and international, for imports and exports. The platform provides: Factoring-notified or non-notified, delegated and non-delegated, Management Balances assignment, Reverse factoring, Receivables financing, Carry trade transactions, Credit insurance, Backup securitization servicing, Customer receivables, Reminders, Collection.


  • Comprehensive factoring and financing suite

  • Scalable business applications structure

  • Designed to be re-usable

vbn branchless banking .jpg

Cash Management Infrastructure

MLabs Partner needed a new Cash Management, Loans and Payments for their client a financial institution operating in the retail banking field, providing asset management, financial, and other services.


Revise the financial control through rational account structures and cash pools, locally as well as globally. With a broad product portfolio, the platform made it easier to rationalize the use of capital.


Built and deployed a Cash Management infrastructure to enhance international trade and payment products and to give customers direct access to products, information, and service. Swedbank provides to its clients with advice and support by mapping flows and identifying areas for improvement that facilitate streamlined processes, efficient liquidity management, and smart payment routines.


  • Established new internal processes

  • Cash Management frees up capital  by optimizing flows.

  • Structured payment factories

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