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MLabs Platform

Secure. Fully Functional. Real-Time.

Agile Fast Digital Transformation

With MLabs, a digital banking platform can go live in weeks.



MLabs SaaS Platform empowers financial institutions to offer consumers and businesses a true digital banking experience. MLabs Platform is cloud-agnostic cloud-native and provides the required functionality to facilitate and expedite customer management,  product offerings, settlements, accounting, reporting, and business governance while providing real-time processing for the financial services requirements. Powered by the MLabs banking engine, the platform is built to support true relationship banking. It provides customers with real-time access to banking services such as deposits, account inquiries, and fund transfers. The SaaS Platform has pre-configured parameters and supports multi-lingual operations and multi-entity roll-outs.


MLabs OPEN APIs enable to efficiently deploy, maintain, enhance, and support MLabs derived applications and related services. A key component that provides the ability to accelerate the launch of specific banking solutions, and other digitally advanced, channel-agnostic FinTech services. More than 150 APIs across payments, and corporate banking domains, includes differentiated functionalities. MLabs OPEN APIs, are highly adaptive and do operate with intelligent pre-and post-processing capabilities for MLabs SaaS Platform, and are easy to integrate.

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MLabs provides a set of capabilities that allows mobile apps adapt to changing market conditions. By applying the latest mobile technologies that conform to the devices with innovative features that the end-user expects to utilize MLabs can help leverage the end-user time online to deliver better service, reduce costs, and access other products through personalized mobile/digital services.


DATA & ANALYTICS can help turn the existing and external contextual data into a revenue stream and customer insights. Using AI-powered, self-service analytics capabilities, MLabs Data & Analytics provides the ability to mine the existing and live data and data types to create business appropriate offerings in real time, while preserving security and eliminating data movements. Whether you are a microfinance, a bank, or a telecom, MLabs Data & Analytics can enable the understanding of customers’ behavior, detect patterns and support the prediction of customer’s needs to provide the proper offers at the right time, in context to their financial or commercial transactions. MLabs Data & Analytics empowers business analysts with AI-powered, contemporary analytics capabilities for data preparation, visualization, enterprise reporting, and data analysis, while preserving security.

Data on a Touch Pad

Features & Benefits

Leveraging a set of capabilities for rapid deployment.

Fully Integrated

A front/back end SaaS, easy-to-configure, with all modules working as one integrated system. MLabs SAAS CORE enables the configuration of tailored products and services, to meet the critical needs and adapt to dynamic business environments.

Collaborative Processing

MLabs SaaS CORE serves different processes and/or external modules, for a collaborative "business supply" chain. It operates in real-time, while preserving transaction and data integrity in high performance processing environments and it is easy to integrate.

Real Time

MLabs SaaS CORE provides straight-through and real-time processing to empower financial and money business services delivery with agile techniques, higher level of automation and scalability for domestic and international operations.

External Relationships

The MLabs SaaS CORE manages the relationship with external entities involved in the businesses. The counterparties’ data are held in a centralized database allowing consistency within/between/among the various transactions, empowering banks with the level of flexibility required.

Agile - Granular

A comprehensive, agile, granular front/back-end platform, easy-to-configure. Products-processes ready to be tailored to resolve critical needs and address diverse and dynamic business environments. designed to support flexibility through its service composition.

Cloud - Mobile

A fully managed cloud-native and cloud-agnostic environment providing high level of security standards. With cloud, mobile, and self-service, fully at work, end-users are assisted through a direct interaction with their data, by supporting processes, and the workflows required.

Optimizing Cloud Banking

The result of significant and sustained R&D efforts

             True Digital


MLabs Digital Core Banking Platform features straight-through processing and real-time event-driven architecture. MLabs delivers a broad banking services options with a completely customer-centric database. MLabs Platform consists of multiple banking sub-systems covering the major functions of an international bank. From Loans/Deposits to Foreign Exchange and Reporting, MLabs supports an incremental, evolutionary implementation approach, reducing the risks in new development or integration projects.

          Highly Adaptive

VBN adaptive

MLabs OPEN APIs enables efficient deployment, maintenance, enhancement, and support of MLabs derived applications and related services. A key component that provides the ability to accelerate the launch of specific banking solutions, and other digitally advanced, channel-agnostic Fintech services. MLabs OPEN APIs, are highly adaptive and do operate with intelligent pre and post-processing capabilities. MLabs platform is easy to integrate; it is engineered to deliver fast and comprehensive banking services.

          Data & Analytics

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MLabs Analytics is a comprehensive offering providing data and business events analysis, by continuously analyzing data in real time. MLabs Analytics controls consistency of customer experience across data distribution channels. MLabs Analytics helps banks understand and address customer needs across diverse segments by providing augmented analysis with embedded ML that continuously learn from the data it takes in, that helps making smarter and more accurate predictions as time and events goes by.

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