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Financial Sectors

Neobanks - FinTech Operators - MNOs

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Consistent Digital Experiences

Make digital transformations to stay efficient and relevant

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Digital transformation has become essential for neobanks to apply their business model and improve the customer experience, operational efficiency, and business economics. MLabs SaaS Platform and products are optimized every part of the neobanking value chain, and can be accessed by a non-banking service provider through MLabs agile and lean frameworks. Branchless banking is the new standard where the only infrastructure for miles around is a cell tower. MLabs product suite can help to realize neobank plans.


MLabs provides the platform for a better digitized customer experiences to support to respond to evolving customer demands. Incumbent banks need to be prepared to provide the inherent capabilities of the digital clients. MLabs SaaS Platform provides the agility, flexibility, and scalability to respond to incumbent banking needs to evolve their customer demands. MLabs offers the base to remain competitive, and the agile approach for the systemic migration and deployment of a banking modernization. MLabs can leverage the strengths of an incumbent bank by balancing incumbency and innovation.

Inside Business


MLabs can enable Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to efficiently operate with loan origination agencies, remittance providers and innovative banks to deliver financial services to the customers as never before. For instance, in the developing world, a person’s cell phone (SIM card) is increasingly becoming an important form of identity, but it can also be her/his only channel to financial services. MNOs looking to improve their performance can incorporate MLabs products as an integral part of their value supply chain to deliver digital mobile banking. MLabs products can enhance MNOs financial performance, particularly through reduction in “customer churn” and increases in Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).

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Services & Support

MLabs customer support experience vital for digital transformation

       Domain Experts

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MLabs offers Domain Expertise services in the following areas: Functional Requirements Analysis; Project Mgmt. using Iterative Development Methodologies; SaaS implementation; Training and Knowledge-Transfer Programs. MLabs experts can provide successful completion of a financial service project. MLabs training team has developed dedicated courses geared to train customer staff in various aspects of the MLabs SaaS and Programs offering.

       Cloud Management

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MLabs has experienced SaaS Platform consultants available for assistance when implementing mobile and financial systems. A productive combination of skills and resources can be utilized to augment the Partner ‘staff efficiency by providing the specific skills needed. MLabs uses a collaborative approach based on its multiple years of banking expertise. MLabs utilizes Agile principles with clear milestones and frequent checkpoints to deliver on time and on budget.

        Platform Support

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MLabs provides a SaaS Platform support with its digital banking, mobile, FinTech experienced for a wide range of financial systems. From the SaaS Platform deployment and broad technology support, MLabs provides the business functions changing needs. MLabs Support team can help its partners and customers with the finest expertise and MLabs specialists can be retained on an as-required basis. MLabs can extend the lifecycle of financial systems.

Sectors: Press Kit
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