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Digital Banking

Cloud-Native. Agile. Fast Deployment.

Digital Banking: Our Technology

Dynamically Adaptive

With MLabs, a digital banking platform of high-quality and performance

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MLabs configurable digital lending platform empowers end-users to apply for needed funds without visiting a banking branch or turning to another provider. MLabs Digital Lending provides an integrated digital back-end, to improve the lender efficiency.  Generating and releasing a loan or transferring data to a digital banking system with MLabs is a real-time transaction. MLabs digital loan origination manages the entire loan lifecycle, from billing to payments, to collections, to general ledger.

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MLabs can help the FinTech operators to gain market share and to improve the customer acquisition via digital channels. MLabs Digital Core Banking is a robust platform with exceptional intelligence and analytics providing opportunities to increase market share and cross-sell to customers. Besides marketing and strategic planning, MLabs can facilitate the use of dynamic intelligence dashboards to process the digital banking process.


MLabs Digital Core Banking has been designed to provide a branch-less banking processing and to elevate client experience by offering enhanced convenience, agility and customized services. MLabs provides agile banking products and the type of insight-driven experiences that today's digitally connected, end-users expect. Customers can open their accounts, perform transactions, and subscribe for financial services, without visiting a bank branch or using other customer servicing channels.



MLabs financial APIs and customizable front-end provides a securely connected infrastructure and utilize the end-users’ financial data. Microservices are hosted on the cloud with flexible architecture easy to configure and align to real-time requirements.MLabs secures APIs with policies, manage client access, group APIs as products, and monitor and analyze traffic. MLabs can supply digital banks to set their lending offerings based on digital technologies to access new revenue streams.

Digital Banking: Press Kit

Functions & Advantages

Pre-configured products and functionalities for a rapid deployment


Highly configurable wallet accounts used to conduct various customer debit or credit transactions. These accounts can be defined for specific customer segments and support different currencies.


Savings or rewarding type,  used as a deposit accounts to mature periodical interest that can be transferred as Credits to wallet accounts. These accounts can be defined to specific customer types and currencies.


Flexible lending module that allows the creation of different types of loan products to be offered to customers. The lending products can be defined for specific customer types with different currencies.

Customer On-boarding

A powerful module that enables customer on-boarding via APIs or straight from the system's front-end. It offers the collection of any customer details and the option to conduct Anti Money Laundering checks and KYC validations.

Easy to Configure

MLabs Digital Core is built with simplicity at its foundation. Various products, customer segments and other business attributes can be easily and quickly configured to enable timely response to market demands.

Simple Front-End

The user friendly front-end is designed so that customer serving employees can use it even without training. For administrators, a simple admin panel is available to allow simple products configurations.

Digital Banking: Features

For Embedded Finance

Neobanks, Embedded Finance, and Mobile Operators now can adopt MLabs platform and products for fast, secure digital-mobile financial services.


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           True Digital Banking

MLabs SaaS platform and products are optimized for Neobanks needing loans and savings accounts, payment of bills or money transfers, and other services directly on the mobile phone. MLabs product suite address every part of the value chain through its agile and lean frameworks. Branch-less banking is the new standard where the only infrastructure for miles around is a cell tower. MLabs products are built and optimized for any currency or language, fast and easy to be deployed to realize neobanks plans. MLabs business model can help to extend the neobank offerings to increase customers engagement and achieve targeted markets.

     FinTech Operators

Inside Business

       Customer Lifetime Value

MLabs products are optimized for any currency or language and are easy-to-deploy and operate APIs to integrate the accounting/payment infrastructure. Connecting with the customer on a personal level is essential these days, MLabs can help providing compelling complementary financial products from Know your customer to know your business, to access emerging ecosystems and platforms with true functional differentiation. MLabs products can add new functionality in a very fast rollout. MLabs SaaS platform and products provide real-time financial services to improve the relationship with the Incumbent banks. MLabs can help to realize the new Incumbent banking plans

        Mobile Operators

Mobile Phone

      Increase Customer Loyalty

MLabs can enable Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to efficiently operate with loan origination agencies, 
and retailers to deliver financial services to the customers as never before. For instance, in the developing world, a person’s cell phone (SIM card) is increasingly becoming an important form of identity, but it can also be her/his only channel to financial services. MNOs can now improve their performance in digital mobile banking by incorporating MLabs products as an integral part of their value supply chain. MLabs product suite can enhance MNOs financial performance, through reduction in “customer churn” and increase in Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).

Digital Banking: Press Kit
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