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From Legacy to Digital 

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Neobanks, FinTech Operators, and MNOs, can rely on MLabs to modernize financial services by adopting MLabs digital banking platform suite and AI expertise. MLabs platform empower organizations to work with limited expert knowledge across a variety of financial business processes and applications.

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About Monterey Labs

Transparency, teamwork, technology, and collaboration are essential for progress.


MLabs has been founded with the goal of making financial services a better industry. For three years, the company worked to gather intellectual property and ideas on how low cost, efficient software for financial services can be accomplished. Unlike legacy systems companies, MLabs focuses on how mobile and financial platforms for contemporary needs on how they should be designed, built, and scaled. Understanding financial services and vertical requirements, and leveraging technology using lean processes is the key to providing the right mix of innovative products with sustainable pricing and fast implementation approaches.


MLabs has been formed to pursue, and materialize digital changes on Financial Services. The starting vision, was to start Monterey Labs as a company with specialized skills in building FinTech software platforms. To fulfill the original vision, an agile software factory was structured to assemble the mobile software, financial components and AI frameworks required to serve the demanding digital-mobile banking. MLabs assembled a team of passionate experts to design, develop, and deploy the MLabs Platform. The company keep on adding new software to make the SaaS suite easier to use and more accessible to its FinTech partners and clients.


MLabs team has a common passion and a simple mission: to improve the Financial Services software. To do so, the MLabs Founders, assembled a team of solid experts in financial systems. MLabs team’s backgrounds range across different industries and countries, all passionate about FinTech. The opportunity for new technologies, products, and business models to improve the financial services ecosystem motivates MLabs team to keep on improving and evolving MLabs products, programs and services. MLabs team is proud to provide innovative, forward-looking software for Neobanks, FinTech and Financial Inclusion to make it easy for and the underbanked.

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Monterey Labs

Dedicated to the FinTech Industry

MLabs enables financial organizations to leverage the MLabsSaaS cloud-native portfolio of financial software products to deliver fast, robust and comprehensive banking services. MLabs support the requirements of the financial operators to be competitive. MLabs provides high scalability to effectively manage unlimited processing power and storage, applications agility, speed-to-market, and variable pay-per-use cost structures. MLabs products and programs have been designed to operate in SaaS modality.

Company: Our Technology
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