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 Cloud Core Banking 

Next-Generation, Cloud-Native, Open APIs, Real-Time

Leveraging experience, know-how, and technology

MLabs focuses in delivering its Cloud Core Banking “X>Core” providing a Business to Business (B2B) delivery model. The X>Core it is positioned to be the backend core foundation for modern cloud based and real-time high transactional delivery requirements. X>Core has been designed and built to serve embedded finance, digital banking. X>Core offers a platform for Neobanks, FinTech Providers and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). 

X>Core For Embedded Finance

FinTech providers can partner with MLabs for fast, secure deployment of X>Core cloud digital banking.


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           True Digital Banking

MLabs X>Core platform suite is optimized for Neobanks needing loans and savings accounts, payment of bills or money transfers, and other services directly on the mobile phone. X>Core address every part of the value chain through its agile and lean frameworks. Branch-less banking is the new standard where the only infrastructure for miles around is a cell tower. MLabs products are built and optimized for any currency or language, fast and easy to be deployed to realize neo-banks plans. MLabs B2B business model can help to extend the neo-banking offerings to increase customers engagement and achieve targeted markets.

     FinTech Operators

Inside Business

       Customer Lifetime Value

MLabs X>Core is optimized for any currency or language and is easy-to-deploy and operate its APIs to integrate the accounting/payment infrastructure. Connecting with the customer on a personal level is essential these days, MLabs can help providing compelling complementary financial products from know-your-customer to know-your- business, to access multiple ecosystems and platforms with true functional differentiation. MLabs X>Core can add new functionalities in a very fast rollout. X>Core platform and products provide real-time financial services to improve the banking plans for customer's relationship's lifetime value. 

        Mobile Operators

Mobile Phone

      Increase Customer Loyalty

MLabs X>Core can enable Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to efficiently operate with loan origination agencies, 
and retailers to deliver financial services to the customers as never before. For instance, in the developing world, a person’s cell phone (SIM card) is increasingly becoming an important form of identity, but it can also be her/his only channel to financial services. MNOs can now improve their performance in digital mobile banking by incorporating MLabs X>Core as an integral part of their value supply chain. X>Core can enhance MNOs financial performance, through reduction in “customer churn” and increase in Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).

 X>Core for FinTech Providers 

Designed and Built for Next-Gen, Cloud-Native, Real-Time Banking Systems

X>Core enables financial organizations to leverage the SaaS cloud-native portfolio of financial software products to deliver fast, robust and comprehensive banking services. MLabs support the requirements of the financial operators to be competitive. X>Core provides high scalability to effectively manage unlimited processing power and storage, applications agility, speed-to-market, and variable pay-per-use cost structures. MLabs products and programs have been designed to operate in SaaS modality.

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