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Empowering True Digital Banking

Redefining the Banking Sector

Improving customer experience and business economics

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Digital banking is no longer a theory. MLabs has significantly invested to support the growth of Neobanks looking for a complete digital banking platform. As result MLabs SaaS is a comprehensive digital banking suite that incorporates enterprise-grade technology to efficiently provide Neobanks with the ability to offer services such as checking and savings accounts, payment of bills or money transfers, loans to individuals and businesses, and other such services directly on their mobile phone or via any other digital channel.


MLabs OPEN APIs and customizable UX front-end module let you build experiences that will put you ahead of the competition. MLabs SaaS platform has been specifically designed for Neobanks. The MLabs suite combines Open-APIs, data analytics, AI and machine learning that validates mobile transactions instantly and transparently. MLabs provides the platform for a better digitized customer experiences to support and respond to evolving customer demands.

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Server Installation


MLabs provides the indispensable components such as security, trust and customer experience as indispensable banking components. MLabs helps neobanks looking to comply with industry regulations and anti-money laundering (AML) measures. MLabs with its contemporary and proper technology, can prevent fraudsters to use their methods, to circumvent the banks’ preventive security measures.  MLabs proactively use AML technology that includes know your customer (KYC), transaction monitoring, document authentication and biometrics.


MLabs VIRTUAL ATM (vATM) provides a multi-layered intermediation model and transactional foundation. vATM has been designed to reach underserved consumers, via mobile connectivity and smart mobile, ATM functionality and a suite of financial services, from lending, remittance, bill payment and compliance RegTech to personal finance support.

The MLabs vATM can be applied as:

  • White-label vATM for consumers and merchants

  • Multi-mobile operating system (Android, IOs, Progressive Web Applications, KaiOS)

  • Multi-tenant mobile application layer

  • Point of services for sales agents and merchants

  • Customer enabled on-boarding

Social network concept

Built to Scale 

A different approach to banking and finance

Designed for Neobanks

MLabs platform is built to easily integrate with ecosystems, empowering neobanks more options to package services from different source and offer customers personalized products.

Quick to Launch

With MLabs flexible platform, neobanks can launch operations quickly. The simple to use admin panel enables a seamless transformation of business ideas into products and services.

Market Faster

MLabs real-time platform provides customer transaction details as they happen, enabling timely responses to market demands and creating additional cross/up-sell opportunities

Functionally Safe

Neobanks can keep focus on their core business activities as MLabs cloud based secure platform conforms to international security standards to protect customers data.

Uninterrupted Services

MLabs built its cloud-based robust platform using the latest technologies to be highly reliable, available and scalable, so clients can offer customers always-available digital services.

Power of Knowledge

MLabs team of seasoned and experienced business and IT professionals bring their years of experience in the financial industry to offer seamless deployment and operations.

Digital Native

The result of significant and sustained R&D efforts.

             True Digital

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MLabs Digital Core Banking Platform features straight-through processing and real-time event-driven architecture. MLabs delivers a broad banking services options with a completely customer-centric database. MLabs Platform consists of multiple banking sub-systems covering the major functions of an international bank. From Loans/Deposits to Foreign Exchange and Reporting, MLabs supports an incremental, evolutionary implementation approach, reducing the risks in new development or integration projects.

          Highly Adaptive

VBN adaptive

MLabs OPEN APIs enables efficient deployment, maintenance, enhancement, and support of MLabs derived applications and related services. A key component that provides the ability to accelerate the launch of specific banking solutions, and other digitally advanced, channel-agnostic Fintech services. MLabs OPEN APIs, are highly adaptive and do operate with intelligent pre and post-processing capabilities. MLabs platform is easy to integrate; it is engineered to deliver fast and comprehensive banking services.

          Data & Analytics

VBN web new analytics 01.webp

MLabs Analytics is a comprehensive offering providing data and business events analysis, by continuously analyzing data in real time. MLabs Analytics controls consistency of customer experience across data distribution channels. MLabs Analytics helps banks understand and address customer needs across diverse segments by providing augmented analysis with embedded ML that continuously learn from the data it takes in, that helps making smarter and more accurate predictions as time and events goes by.

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