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Going Digital, To Improve the Customer Experience

Modernizing Core Technology

New capabilities to meet business needs at a lower cost



Banking is changing in the digital age. MLabs provides financial institutions modern design and implementation that improve the customer experience, drastically reduce the operating costs and enhance service quality. MLabs Platform empowers financial institutions to offer customers a digital banking experience with integrated cash-in and cash-out features by using online and mobile consumer interfaces. As a result, financial institutions can reduce total cost of ownership and improve operational efficiency by leveraging the MLabs SaaS platform conceived for future-proofing.


MLabs provides a set of capabilities that allows mobile apps adapt to changing market conditions. By applying the latest mobile technologies that conform to the devices with innovative features that the end-user expects to utilize MLabs can help leverage the end-user time online to deliver better service, reduce costs, and access other products through personalized mobile/digital services.

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With MLabs Analytics for financial institutions, data scientists can analyze and visualize complex data records at scale. Contemporary network management requires efficient, cost-effective data analysis of end-users to maximize customer base revenue and return value on software infrastructure investments. MLabs Analytics can analyze millions of complex transactions and release the true power of the MLabs cloud data analytics that offers a superior experience and real-time results.


MLabs product suite has a cloud-native technology applied. There is a major difference between a genuinely cloud-native, next generation financial system and simply installing legacy technologies into the cloud. MLabs is truly cloud-native, designed and built for the cloud, meaning there are genuinely micro-service architected, containerized with APIs, to provide access to and from other internal and external services. MLabs has experienced consultants available for assistance when implementing digital, mobile and financial systems.

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Benefits & Capabilities

"Business building" as competitive advantage

Business Ready

MLabs flexible SaaS platform provides ready to use APIs to enables  Financial Services companies to offer customized digital services rapidly.

Services Diversification

MLabs platform is built to easily integrate with ecosystems, empowering financial institutions with options to offer bundled services from different sources.

 Market Responsiveness

MLabs real-time platform allows financial services companies to respond to market demands in time and create additional cross/up-sell opportunities.

Secure Operations

MLabs cloud-native platform is highly secure and conforms to international security standards to protect financial institutions customers data.

Available & Scalable

Leveraging the latest technologies, MLabs built its cloud-based platform to be highly available and scalable so that services are available anytime.

Experience at Work

Financial services institutions can leverage the extensive experience of MLabs staff to start the digital modernization and evolution plans.

MLabs Platform

Successfully deploy the MLabs Platform to comply with markets requirements

          Domain Expertise

Business Colleagues

MLabs offers Domain Expertise services in the following areas: Functional Requirements Analysis; Project Mgmt. using Iterative Development Methodologies; SaaS implementation; Training and Knowledge-Transfer Programs. MLabs experts can provide successful completion of a financial service project. MLabs training team has developed dedicated courses geared to train customer staff in various aspects of the MLabs SaaS and Programs offering.

       Cloud Management

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MLabs has experienced SaaS Platform consultants available for assistance when implementing mobile and financial systems. A productive combination of skills and resources can be utilized to augment the Partner ‘staff efficiency by providing the specific skills needed. MLabs uses a collaborative approach based on its multiple years of banking expertise. MLabs utilizes Agile principles with clear milestones and frequent checkpoints to deliver on time and on budget.

         Platform Support

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MLabsprovides a complete Platform support with its digital banking, mobile, FinTech experienced for a wide range of financial systems. From the SaaS Platform deployment and broad technology support, MLabs provides the business functions changing needs. MLabs Support team can help its partners and customers with the finest expertise and MLabs specialists can be retained on an as-required basis. MLabs can extend the lifecycle of financial systems.

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