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Building a Digital Bank

Powering the banking evolution

Building a Digital Bank: Our Technology

Designed for Digital

Simplifying Banking and Finance Operations



VBN follows the agile methodology to help define just enough functions of a Minimum Valuable Product to fulfill early customers’ needs and to provide feedback for future expansions. VBN DCB ready-to-use platform includes a fully digital on-boarding, configurable accounts and wallets, savings and flexible loan offerings, with a complete list of transaction history and audit trail.


VBN offers a ready to use digital banking platform, which constitute the backbone of the digital bank architecture. VBN provides a user friendly front-end for customer service activities, a Back-Office panel for your administrators to setup various customer segments and products, and a complete set of API that enables seamless connections to external 3rd party applications in order to enrich offerings with a niche fintech partners and unlock the power of ecosystems.

Data on a Touch Pad


VBN cloud-based platform is constructed to be secure, highly scalable, agile, and robust with minimum requirements for operation and upgrade efforts. VBN provides the option of a complete platform lifecycle support that include but not limited to, day to day operations, enhancements, developments, and upgrades so digital banks can keep focus on their core business functions and increase customer acquisitions.

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With VBN Analytics and its business intelligence capabilities, digital banks can have the right information available in real-time to analyze data insights. Advanced digital analytics (including AI and machine learning) help to better understand customer adoption and respond to their personal needs, in real time. VBN Analytics can analyze millions of complex transactions and release the true power of the VBN cloud data analytics that offers a superior experience and real-time results.

Building a Digital Bank: Press Kit

Features & Benefits

Cloud-ready and open-banking compliant

Rapid Deployment

VBN can help neobanks start operations quickly. The ready to use Digital Core platform is simple to configure and easy to use.

Personalized Offers

The simple integration with external providers enables VBN's platform to assemble diverse services and offer customers personalized products.

Time to Market

The real-time processing of the VBN platform offers neobanks timely customer insights so they can respond with appropriate offers.

Secure Operations

VBN's could based platform conforms to security standards to protect your customers data from attacks so you can focus on your innovation, worry-free.

Continuous Operations

Using latest technologies, VBN built its platform to be highly available and scalable in order to ensure efficient and smooth operations.

Experienced Team

VBN's team of experienced business and IT professionals with many years in the financial industry offers its clients rapid deployment and smooth operations.

Building a Digital Bank: Features

Services & Support

Designed to meet the needs of FinTech Operators

          Domain Experts

Business Colleagues

VBN offers Domain Expertise services in the following areas: Functional Requirements Analysis; Project Mgmt. using Iterative Development Methodologies; SaaS implementation; Training and Knowledge-Transfer Programs. VBN experts can provide successful completion of a financial service project. VBN training team has developed dedicated courses geared to train customer staff in various aspects of the VBN SaaS and Programs offering.

       Cloud Management

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VBN has experienced SaaS Platform consultants available for assistance when implementing mobile and financial systems. A productive combination of skills and resources can be utilized to augment the Partner ‘staff efficiency by providing the specific skills needed. VBN uses a collaborative approach based on its 50+ years of banking expertise. VBN utilizes Agile principles with clear milestones and frequent checkpoints to deliver on time and on budget.

        Platform Support

Man Working

VBN provides a complete Platform support with its digital banking, mobile, FinTech experienced for a wide range of financial systems. From the SaaS Platform deployment and broad technology support, VBN provides the business functions changing needs. VBN Support team can help its partners and customers with the finest expertise and VBN specialists can be retained on an as-required basis. VBN can extend the lifecycle of financial systems.

Building a Digital Bank: Press Kit
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