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Expert Systems & AI

Technology & People for Hybrid Intelligence

Banking Modernization with AI

MLabs provide enterprise-class AI technology and Expert Systems for smarter banking.

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MLabs real-time platform, leverages data access, data management, to  increase the quality of the data for high-grade performance, productivity and replicability. MLabs utilizes Graph Theory to represent knowledge about uncertain data systems.


MLabs provides a real-time data analytics product add-on based on the extensive use of transactional and customer data insights. MLabs data analytics, collects, transforms, refines, and learns about all the data involved in the data system environment.

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MLabs utilizes Bayesian Neural Networks technology, for automated data discovery, and learning probabilities from data to develop probabilistic expert systems by leveraging the inference engine procedures. MLabs AI processes the algorithms needed to accessing complex data processes.

Functions & Advantages

Pre-configured products and functionalities for a rapid deployment

Easy to Configure

A front/back-end system, easy-to-configure, with all modules working as an integrated system. MLabs enables to configure products and processes, to tailor to the critical needs and adapt to dynamic banking environments.

Mathematic Principles

MLabs uses mathematically sound principles for handling uncertainty and belief networks and up-to-date statistics for decision-making and to predict future events. BI components to enable faster processes and decision-support.

Visual Analysis 

MLabs improves business performance with visual analysis, discovery, advanced analytics, reporting, and forecasting. It integrates open source and proprietary leading technologies for process discovery.

Predictive Modelling

MLabs leverages predictive modeling to handle the uncertainties and the unknowns encountered to provide integrity based diagnostic judgments. MLabs re-formulates its processes on the basis of context and previous events.

Rapid Adoption

MLabs provide the ability to “jumpstart” projects and to minimize the deployment cycles. MLabs uses knowledge-base technology allowing the components to remain independent and compatible with numerous environments,

Business Intelligence

MLabs utilizes BI components to enable faster processes and decision-support to address business user’s information needs. Intelligent features and Machine Learning techniques are utilized to provide the prebuilt BI.

Optimizing Cloud Banking

The result of significant and sustained R&D efforts

             True Digital


MLabs Digital Core Banking Platform features straight-through processing and real-time event-driven architecture. MLabs delivers a broad banking services options with a completely customer-centric database. MLabs Platform consists of multiple banking sub-systems covering the major functions of an international bank. From Loans/Deposits to Foreign Exchange and Reporting, MLabs supports an incremental, evolutionary implementation approach, reducing the risks in new development or integration projects.

          Highly Adaptive

VBN adaptive

MLabs OPEN APIs enables efficient deployment, maintenance, enhancement, and support of MLabs derived applications and related services. A key component that provides the ability to accelerate the launch of specific banking solutions, and other digitally advanced, channel-agnostic Fintech services. MLabs OPEN APIs, are highly adaptive and do operate with intelligent pre and post-processing capabilities. MLabs platform is easy to integrate; it is engineered to deliver fast and comprehensive banking services.

          Data & Analytics

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MLabs Analytics is a comprehensive offering providing data and business events analysis, by continuously analyzing data in real time. MLabs Analytics controls consistency of customer experience across data distribution channels. MLabs Analytics helps banks understand and address customer needs across diverse segments by providing augmented analysis with embedded ML that continuously learn from the data it takes in, that helps making smarter and more accurate predictions as time and events goes by.

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